Language Investigation

Piece of writing:

  1. Hypothesis – Write a hypothesis about spoken and online.
  • Spoken language can be the same as text language – text language can be the same as spoken language, it all depends on how the person perceives the language.
  • Similarities between the online language and spoken language in today’s world are much more similar than is realized.
  • Emotions can be shown in the online and spoken language the same way.
  • Other people: older, younger, more or less intelligent, more ‘sophisticate’ or of a different generation etc don’t have the job of telling people how to speak, both in the online language and spoken language; the people speaking or writing those languages can be the deciphers of how they do that. Everyone is allowed to be different even in the same language – one doesn’t have to formal and the other informal; emotionless and emotional. Both can have para-linguistic, prosodic and linguistic features. What rules say they can’t?

One Comment

  1. These are all great hypotheses, Ruth – nicely done. Tomorrowwe can choose the one you’d most like to work with.



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