Revision – Exam Essay Developing

Added pieces that add to the second part of the question – Aspects of the real world.

But before his morals can convince him otherwise his ambition takes over and he does the deed anyway. This happens lots, when someone wants something so much that they overlook their morals because of the ambition driving them. Students strive to get good grades in school, they have ambition to do so,  if they don’t, society frowns upon them acting as though something is wrong with them. They have pressure to do well and that pressure is put on them by others and themselves so what do they do? There’s a big test coming up that will determine their grade and ranking in the class, they don’t feel prepared and confident to do well so they take matters into their own hands in a bad way. They decide to cheat, this is going against their morals though. Their parents look down on people who cheat, they have grown up learning to be honest, being true to themselves, doing things the right way and earning what they get, earning their grades. It would hurt their parents to know that they cheated, they want to get that grade the proper way but the pressure is too much, the ambition takes over and everything they have been taught all their morals, which even though they are still thinking about them, they become obsolete and they cheat just as Macbeth’s ambition takes over and he kills king Duncan anyway.


But as he killed more and his ambition grew those were not seen. In the real this happens as well, when someone does something once it makes them do it again, in doing it multiple time without getting caught people begin to feeling invisible as their ambition persists and grows and the thing they’ve done also develops and most of the time grows into something worse. Like in Macbeth how he murders one person, and then he continues too it’s the same as murderers in today’s world, they kill one person and it gives them energy, they get a buzz from it, a feeling they’ve never had before which is their ambition growing, they want to feel that more and more so they murder someone else and then someone else not wanting it to end. This just leads them in a vicious cycle like Macbeth gets into where they can’t stop, their ambition and want for that ambition overpowers their mind.


Throughout the play of Macbeth, the author Shakespeare used the character of Macbeth to reveal aspects of our real world. Macbeth was a character who had ambition that grew throughout the play, in doing so he could do good things but the greater it got the more he lost his morals and his good actions were replaced with bad ones and with these came consequences. In the real world this is seen too, people thrive off of ambition, while most use it for good, some use it for bad because it over takes their brain functions and their morals and beliefs, with this also comes consequences. . 

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