Verbal Conversation Script – Otto, Ruth, Devlin and Madi

Ruth – My Dad’s really weird.

Devlin – Oh yep.

Otto – My parents are really weird too.

Madi – Aren’t all our parents weird?

Devlin – I, my parents are pretty weird.

Madi – So are mine.

All – Yeah.

Madi – Especially when the music just suddenly turns up loud and they tell you to go to bed! and you’re just kinda like…

Devlin – Well my parents don’t listen to music cause they don’t really have any friends.

Ruth – Yeah.. but I think..

Otto – My parents don’t have many friends either.

Devlin – My parents are pretty chill.

Otto – Yeah.

Madi – That’s okay.

Ruth – Yeah.

Madi – Your parents will make friends.

Otto – Yeah.

Devlin – Na, my parents won’t make friends, they just don’t like….

Madi – They just don’t mingle?

Devlin – Ye, they  they just keep to themselves.

Madi – They are introverts.

Devlin – Like when they were younger…. yeah they did but like…

Ruth – Yeah my parents too.

Madi – My Mum…

Devlin – They’re pretty old and crusty.

Madi – My mum kinda like…

Ruth – Okay are we gunna do this!?

Madi – We are already talking.

All – Laughter!!! ( for ages)

Madi – Well my Mum after her accident like… she still…

Devlin – What happened?

Madi – She um broke her neck in three places….

Devlin – O wow that’s .. pretty serious.

Madi – and like had to learn

Otto – That’s intense.

Madi – Ye had to learn how to walk and stuff, uhmm ye that’s why 2016 was a shit year!

Ruth– Yeah.

Devlin – Um my mum, like this isn’t breaking a neck but one day, one year, i think it was 3 years ago.

Madi – (Laughing) I can’t do this.

Ruth – (Laughing) What is wrong?

Madi – (Laughing) I hate being recorded.

Ruth – (Laughing) I didn’t even realise we were recording!

Madi – Okay sorry carry on ( more laughter).


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