What have we found with spoken language?

Thursday 16th February 2017.


  • Verbal fillers – Um etc
  • Idiolecl- Things together that form your individual ‘dialect’, your pronunciation.
  • Efficiency via – slang; speed; accuracy
  • Tone – affects meaning
  • Para-Linguistic – features significantly affect meaning.
  • Pause – is significant.

People believe one way is correct and one way is wrong, the formal way is the best way to speak but that isn’t always right. Young people get deceived and told that speaking informal is an uneducated way of being but it is just an easier shorter more efficient way to speak. There is a place for simplicity and there is a place for formality.

What can be communicated in the ways we modify language when we speak?

  • Uncertainty – hesitation
  • Knowledge – specialist
  • Sarcasm
  • Emphasis – exaggeration
  • Reversals/inversions
  • Emotions

L.O.L – A line of reasoning – Diagram on the board.


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